Enamel Spray Failure

I tired to use enamel in the glaze room spray booth – it did not work I only got one blast before it clogged up.  I guess its because the enamel powder doesn’t suspend in the solution properly.  Im going to see if we have a spray gun with a bigger aperture which wont clog so quickly.  This is all a bit of a set back. The one blast that I managed is a good consistentsy that I want for my desired outcome. The idea is to fire several of these super thin coats to lower the surface tension of a thicker coar and thus deal with the cracking problems.  If I cant find another spray gun I will have to dip coat the bowl and then clean the exterior surface again.


Enamel is difficult to see, it’s the white patch. Pen for contrast.
the inside and pour out the excess. 


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