Virtual Reality, The Empathy Machine

This made me think about the further reaching implications and potential of VR as a tool, as a power for good….or bad…


[tc_dropcap]I am standing on a street in Syria when the bomb goes off. My ears ring so loud I can hardly hear the screams as I stumble through the smoke. Looking down, there’s a man cradling a crimson-soaked loved one on the curb. Others run for cover. I pull off my virtual reality headset.[/tc_dropcap]

I’ve never been to Syria. Never been in a terrorist attack. Never experienced the confusion and fear, the loss of faith in my species in the face of senseless violence. But now I know just a little bit what it feels like. And it makes me want to help.

15070-3-1100 Project Syria

What if you really could walk a mile in someone’s shoes? Shared perspective breeds understanding. Until now, though, the closest we could come to that old saying was through video documentary. Follow someone around long enough and you get a taste for what their life…

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