IoT and My Drawing Machine Proposal

My final outcome for the second field project, The Real And Virtual Internet of Things, was to be a scanning drawing machine. Its purpose was to scan an
object and produce a drawing in response to the stimulating object. This drawing could be abstract or representational depending on what the scanner and
programmed code came up with. The machine would be set to one or the other, defined in the code prior to its completion.

I did not realise quite how much of an undertaking this was until I had reached my formative assessment at the end of the module, I had not begun making it as
I had a mixed experience with module, it was very interesting and stimulating but I could find no focus, it was so broad with lots of attractive avenues.

The machine would physically be composed of 2 main components these are the scanning component and the drawing machine itself. There is a third component
which is the programming of the machine and the particularly hard bit there is getting the scanner to talk to the micro controller drawing machine. Drawing
machines, I have seen on the internet so far, are all programmed by a human operator who does the jobs on a separate computer with different types of software
and shuffles things around to get the end result – a drawing from a photo or image.

To learn how to do these things I would rely on on-line sources and tutorials eg. several to get the kinetic scanner working, others to construct a drawing
machine and then seek on-line support and advice from on-line maker communities perhaps to help join the two if i really get stuck in making the two machines
talk to each other. I need to turn scan data (maybe a still of can so an jpeg) into a format that the micro computer can turn it into lines or forms or
colour values and then use that data (something it can measure/quantify from a scan/image) to draw an image of some description on its canvas.

So far I have bought an Xbox Kinetic module to use as a scanner. However I have only got as far as trying to install the drivers so it will work with my
computer. For some reason that I cannot fathon I am having great trouble getting the drivers to work. I have discovered that my graphics card may not be
suited or powerful enough. I have downloaded a host of different programmes to experiment with and use for the project, all these programmes are open source
and free. I really like this open source coding ethos, it is quite selfless and hugely benificial to so many everywhere. I would love to give back to the open
source community one day. The programmes include Meshlab, Processing, Python, Powershell, Meshmaker, NotePad++, Sense, Microsoft SDK’s, Microsofts Visual,
Studio, Skanect and several more. I will not become well versed with all these programmes, some I may only use a few times and others a lot more.
Some examples of online projects or totourials that I have tired to follow:

How to 3D scan with Skanect…/new-kinect-adapter-gives-3d-builder-full-colo…

Once its made, where can the project go from there? I think the idea or project could move into other areas, especially a more active relationship within the internet of things, such as remote scanning and home based drawing machine.


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