Kinetic Environments 500 Word Reflective Statement

Kinetic environments was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting field module. I feel it was well structured and delivered with realistic aims expected. I found that I got on well with the module tutor Paul Granjon and also the electronics technician Dennis Flynn, they were both enthusiastic and engaging as well as being patient and encouraging. The demonstrations of coding and circuit building were clear and mostly memorable, building on-top one another in such a way that allowed skills to progress steadily. It was made clear that the learning curve with coding and electronics is steep and can be daunting to get started. However I think most of the group were able to get to grips with most things and once some had reached a certain level they felt quite happy to go away and spend time expanding upon what they had learnt by trying to apply their new skills in creative ways.
From the first day we encouraged to work in groups, I found this to be immensely fun and very beneficial to productivity. It was great to learn how to code and wire circuits with another person, the partly social aspect made it more engaging and fun, especially as it can be quite daunting to get to grips with initially on your own. A small group situation meant every one could have a go with out the activity getting tedious and that ideas could be bounced around and developed all day, this was particularly useful when it came to coming up with a project to make for the end of the module. I feel the group work helped me with developing task structures and delegating jobs. These processes helped work out the strengths of individuals within the group and how we worked together as a team. After the field modules were over and I returned to subject I think I took some of the group work task management skills with me back to subject and tried to apply these to my work there.
Many of the basic electronics and arduino skills we learnt I already had so initially I did not find the module very challenging. However as the module progressed I began to find things harder but continued to have fun. Things such as combining two pieces of code and instructing the arduino board micro-controller to do multiple things were challenging to figure out and get bug free. For the final couple of weeks of the module we were instructed to create an outcome using the skills we had learnt, and we also had the option to work as a group. Seeing as I had enjoyed working as part of a group so much over the previous weeks I joined one of people I had worked with previously. Our outcome was simple and whilst not particularly ambitious it was challenging enough to push our skills further. The skills I have gained from Field include group working, organisational, basic electronics and some basic coding knowledge. Organisational and time management skills were elements that I tried to bring back to my subject work.


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