The Real and Virtual Internet of Things 500 Word Reflective Statement

I chose The Real and Virtual Internet of Things module for second term field as it was recommended if you had chosen Kinetic Environments in the first term. I started the module quite excited with the breadth the module covered and also to learn a different coding language (Python) with the Raspberry Pi. To begin with I liked how the module was split into 3 parts, each with their own area relevant to the Internet of Things. However towards the last couple of weeks of the module I found It was perhaps to much. I found it difficult to focus on an aspect that I wanted to build my skills in and then make an outcome from. I had entered this module with an intention to continue improving my time management and organisation. Whilst I maintained regular blogging, reflection and conducted quite a lot of research I found I could not get to creating an outcome, I think perhaps there was to much content and I got lost in it all and ended up making nothing. The problem perhaps is that learning to coding has a very steep learning curve that does not provide much reward for quite a while and it is easy to become disenchanted with it and relapse. I tried to deal with this through self discipline but found it very difficult however.
The nature of learning to code it seems is to go away and learn through self directed learning which is a good skill and I was happy to try, how ever I feel there could have been more supporting structure. Perhaps for example a series of group mini projects each week that build upon the previous one. When one has to go away and learn an utterly foreign language it is easy to give up. However I do realise that the module is trying to cover a huge area.
Despite my decline in enthusiasm I did come up with an idea of making a drawing machine in the last couple of weeks of the module. I wanted the drawing machine to scan an object and then produce a simple abstracted drawing of that object. Although I did not realise it at the time, indeed until I actually tried to start work on it, this is a very complicated project for someone with my level of skill. I got to the end of the module with just a proposal of the project I had in mind. Myself and two tutors discussed this project the difficulties that it presented and decided instead to come up with to separate parts; the scanning component and the actual drawing machine. I did not manage to produce anything however, I believe that after several attempts I became disenchanted with the idea and found it difficult to focus when I had such difficulty with what I thought was the simpler part; the scanner.
In short I was and am very interested in the area, but found the plethora of content the module offered a bit intimidating and found it hard to focus on making.


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