Some Thoughts On The Work Ahead

Lately I have not done any work on dissertation material as I have been super busy with getting things done for my end of second year show and assessment. I came away from all of that with a high 2:1 so I am very pleased and ready to be getting on with my dissertation studies.

The last meeting I had with my tutor Alexandros we tried to discern a focus for my work so that I could shorten the time it will take me to get to writing. We listed what my dissertation is and is not:

  • Clear: It is about algorithms and programming
  • It is about art and craft
  • The relationship between/or that these can have.
  • the work is not interactive
  • it is compared with traditional craft
  • it will ultimately be a combination of lots of different processes
  • I need to make, write and think in the same time frame – this way it will evolve
  • Case studies are a great base to work from.

Since a couple of weeks ago when this meeting was, I have not done so much as I stated above due to other work.

I have downloaded grasshopper but have not used it yet. I will be experimenting with it later to day. I want to blog regularly about my progress with it but we shall see how that goes. Initially I think I will follow some tutorials to get a feel for the way it works and then just play with it and see what forms I produce. Once I am proficient with grasshopper I need to consider where the algorithm will enter the work, from the considered and decided use of an algorithm to how I actually use it and how that process will work.

I shall also try to blog about some artists and organisation who’s work is in similar veins and is inspirational and helpful to my dissertation work.


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