Grasshopper Training

Today I have been following a basic tutorial series (I completed it – around 13 tutorials) for Grasshopper – the parametric design plugin for Rhino. It runs alongside Rhino, and allows you to construct visual algorithms using blocks an components with visual and intuitive parameters to adjust and ‘play with’ to get your desired shape and form. I feel I am grasping everything I have tried so far. The next step for me is to take some of the data that I have been collecting and use it to start coming up with forms that I in Grasshopper which can then be ‘baked’ to Rhino and then hopefully fabricated. Tomorrow morning I shall set myself some practical tasks to complete as exercises and then in the afternoon choose one of the things I have made to make physical and solid. It should be exciting! If things don’t go so well tomorrow then at least I will be exploring the process of object from computer environment to physical reality and what is entailed in that process. I need to become very familiar with the process now so that I can quickly and reliably make something in the future without having to faff around.

Below are some screen shots of different things I have been doing today, they may not look like much, but it is this kind of leg work I need to do initially so that I can be ‘fluent’ in creating my forms in a couple of days time.

Tree with branches Range and function Objects after experimentation Geometrys for baking Finding Centre of any surface Circle and Extrude


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