Triangles Construction Model

In part of my research into making 3 dimentional fractals I decoded to start with a very basic geometrical from which when multiplied many times can slot together on each side of the shape. I eventually want to create a very complex form that may look like it is multiplying. I decided a fast way to experiment would be to laser cut cardboard and then build models. I am starting with the simple equilateral triangle that interlocks in a series of identical modules or components. 

Here it is cutting. 


As this is cutting a couple of things have occurred to me:

Firstly I should have set up a quick test print of just 2 triangles. Although laser cutting is fast, it can still take a while and I dont want to be getting big peices of work wrong – thats time wasted.

Secondly as the work is cutting I think I can see that the slots are too wide. Ill have to modify the file if I need to do it again. 

Thirdly I need to get more familiar with the laser cutters and their options.  The laser is making multiple passes over the same cuts when im sure its cutting first time!  I should be able quarter the cutting time if I can address this.

Depending on how this works out I intend to use thicker cards (corrugated 5mm) and perspex perhaps even plywood which can be 4mm thick. Its nearly done ill see how it is!




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