Notes on Artifact Ideas

The digital craftsman: Algorithm meets the material.

Define what you mean by craft

– what differentiates craft from fine art or design ( could draw on ideas from first year archetypes brief)

The applications of digital media in the craft world

does the digital craftsman exist? What do they look like? how can their work be described/ categorized

– organic matter being created from digital algorithm

will this give rise to naturalistic undefinable forms? an emergence of mode of new sculpture?

Theory of Sculpture matters, this needs researching…

– Mike Hansmeyer – using fractural(?) geometries to apply an algorithm to organic architectural design – making a physical object from a computer


– Michael Eden – transforming the organic process of ceramic into a digital form

– Geoffrey Mann – flight of the moth – transforming movement (organic nature body time motion) into physical object using digital techniques.

Process of making:

Algorithmic design – grasshopper- others?

above. grasshopper definitions

you have a 3d print – very complex – direct cast in bronze?

Laser cut- layers approach to large complex object like Hansmeyer…..

Future 3d printers or laser cutters we are able to work in a whole range of materials – ceramic (examples)

rapid prototyping allows us to move on quicker, we can create more stuff/or maybe less stuff but better stuff?

Internet generation (everything is instant)


Your object

How can you apply this to an object. Maybe have different examples of different types of rapid prototyping applied in a craft way relevant to the definition you gave at the beginning to justify them.


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