Professional Practice 4

This week professional practice lecture concerned self employment, getting started, tax, insurance, small print of residencies and terms and conditions of working for certain people and in certain ways.

The morning the class received a talk from practicing ceramics artist Anne Gibbs who also works for the council to do with a creative community department. Her work is mostly landscape based, her physical outcomes are influence by her everyday collections of objects, her drawings and photographs from her travels. She has participated in a lot of residencies taking her as far as Philadelphia, USA, and to Tokyo in Japan. Closer to home, one residency she undertook was at PDR research center on the Cardiff Metropolitan Campus specifically aimed at getting artists interested in digital technologies for creative means and outcomes.She produced several small outcomes using a variety of machines such as very high end 3-D printing, CNC milling and sophisticated scanning techniques.I am really interested in doing residencies like this, as well as wanting to practice and develop more traditional ways of making but I feel right now my focus may shift to more digital means of expression and production of ideas.


Small delicate work by Anne Gibbs for one of her more recent exhibitions. (Crossing Boundaries, installation, 2015)


Her handmade ceramics work is mostly delicate and fragile, taking the form of small compositions of colored and textured objects. She also has made plenty of display stands and cases. The work is intriguing and draws you in for a closer more intimate look.

The professional practice lecture took the form of a discussion between Anne Gibbs, Ingrid and Pip concerning work after university, setting oneself up as a creative practitioner and things to look out for, common pitfalls to avoid and general advice about living and working – trying to balance the two well.

Important Points Mentioned

  • Professional Quality Photos of your work
  • First impression is everything
  • fail safe and easy, tested packaging
  • Some application processes take a long time (such as for residencies)
  • You can copy and paste bits, rewrite sections for other applications etc
  • Ensure the residency you are applying to is really suitable for you! is there a communal sense? solitary work? costs that are included? hidden costs? the location and the facilities available to you, material availability and costs? BE SURE OF ‘TERMS AND CONDITIONS’
  • If contracts are involved, what is the contract, do you understand it, can you influence the contract? If so ensure that things at least cant work against you in some situations, if not for you.
  • Consider packaging carefully, some countries have strict packaging regulations i.e. sustainable wood for wooden crate packages, weight of package.
  • It may be best to produce a package system, that is easy for people to unpack and then repack securely.
  • If self employed then remember to register as so and to then ensure your tax returns are properly sorted. Consider hiring an accountant.
  • INSURANCE! This is so vital and important, ensure your insurance is also the correct type for you and what you are doing.

This session was really good and I look forward to next Mondays Professional Practice lecture.


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