Bronze Pour With Irene

Today I spent my morning working on some models, investigating some 555 timer circuits and some ideas for some light circuits. Tomorrow I want to sit down and really work through some of the models quickly, and try and make some decisions on material. I know I’m going to start with laser cutting perspex construction systems. But I am also playing with some modular structures and components, with more atomic structure connotations but blown up.

The afternoon saw me in the foundry much of the time between 2 and 5, hot work as usual. The pour attracted quite a crowd for some reason. We were prepping to pour and loads of onlookers piled in to see it. The pour went well, we filled 7 small trees. Irene is a mine of knowledge, and a really good teacher, she taught at the Royal Collage at Battersea, London. She described various things such as testing the bronze for the  right consistency and when was good to pour. How to place and support work in the sand pit was demonstrated, we even talked about why ingots are used rather than metal pellets (my question). Before we poured we did a walk through, almost like a performance as paced out the steps and got the hang of the way the crucible grabber worked. Whilst waiting for the second load of metal to melt we went into the office where we watched a film of Irene directing a really large, long pour. The it was to make a huge sculpture that finally weighed in at around a ton, made from 60 or so bronze panels welded together. She knew of Martin Bellwood and so I chatted to her of some of my experience of working at his foundry.



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