Professional Practice Sessions 2 and 3

The second Professional Practice lecture given by Ingrid Murphy concerned researching opportunities available to us once we leave university. She started by explaining that in preparation to this lecture she allocated herself 30 minutes to intensively research as many post graduate opportunities as possible. I was astonished at the shear amount of possible leads and information she managed to gather in a short time. The list was pretty wide and all encompassing, I suppose individuals in the class will have much more focused and concise searches. She showed us a whole host of sites, forums, newsletters and much more that will be invaluable, there were loads that I wrote down but I’m not going to list here.  She has suggested that we take a similar approach in the first instance. Hopefully I will get around to making a post of the results of my search.

When I conduct my search I shall initially look at artist residencies, post-grad education, work in creative technologies spheres, competitions, start up opportunities and interns. Then I may expand my search to other forms of employment, I think I would make a good technician at an education institution. Although I don’t think I would want to do this for ever. Creative technologies are high up on my list.

Our third lecture dealt with writing a good C.V., it seems there are many ways of doing this and that it is best to have a range of C.Vs for different job types. It is essential to maintain an up-to-date C.V. which can been fine tuned and crafted over time. It is essential that it is well written and looks good and is to the point. First impressions count. Ingrid also suggested keeping a detailed log of jobs you’ve applied for as a record to refer too.

So I all ready have a basic C.V. I think where it is lacking is a more detailed skills section. I think I have quite a lot of skills that I have not put down. As I conduct my job search for possible jobs I shall try and tailor a C.V. towards certain type jobs. This should be a good exercise for when I need to start applying for the things I want to do!


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