Circle, Ellipse and Hexagon Systems

This model composed of slotted circle modules was made in response to the earlier triangle version that I took forward into metal for my formative assessment. I wanted to explore other basic shapes to make other variations on the earlier work and see what kind of results I could come up with. The modules are larger with more possible connectors than the triangle system, making for more ‘open’ structures that seem to expand and ‘grow’ more.   
Once I had made this circle system I moved into ellipses and made a similar size structure.

Once I had constructed these I began considering scale. What if I laser cut loads of modules and could make a much bigger structure? I designed yet another simple system that slotted together out of the same 5mm cardboard, which I am using do to its suitability to fast model making. Although I do enjoy its material qualities. This time I used hexagons, believing I would be able to make large honeycomb like structures. When it came to build I again played around with it and then settled on a pattern to repeat into a large structure.  

This structure looked pretty good but was very precarious and wobbly. It collapsed after a bit tomorrow I intend to reassemble the hexagon ‘modules’ into a new structure and combine them with some of my earlier models. I will make a gif or maybe a time lapse of this process.  


Ready for tomorrow’s build.


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