Working with DFX files in Illustrator

To get my files ready for laser cutting (those that have been sliced in 123D Make) I need to import them into Illustrator to set line widths and to scale, orientate the work and ensure the artboard is the correct size. I was having some problems with too many anchor points and too many un-closed lines. I trawled a few forums for solutions to little avail, other than to find many others experience these problems also. The fact is the file format and illustrator don’t seem to work terrifically well together – just my luck. One favored option seemed to be installing a plugin which makes things run smoother, but I was not wanting to faff around with plugins just yet.

I eventually found some form of salvation in the site where I found some advice with getting rid of unnecessary bits and cleaning up my files. This is the part I found particularly useful:

lasercutting guide

The site has all kinds of other useful information on the subject of laser cutting and drawing software.

So now I have finished preparing my column file which is to be sliced into 1mm card. If it works out and looks good Ill try out another version in 3mm acrylic.


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