Business Card and Press Pack Design

So my degree show approaches and the New Designers show after that and for those I need a business card and a press pack.

Ill start with the business card.

I chose Vistaprint  to make and print my business cards. They offer a huge range of options for card stock, finishes, special finishes, special designs with a range of options for uploading personal design templates or using one of the hundreds they have right on the site.

I chose to adapt a simple design that they provided. I spent some time considering the image I wanted to use editing it on Photoshop so that it was better suited. I played around with type fonts and found I preferred the cleaner simpler type faces as they are easier to read when they are at a small scale.  I chose to go for a single sided card after playing with images on the back side and details spread over the both sides as opposed to just the front. I think all the details on one side works fine, its not too crowded, and I like that people can jot a note or a couple of ‘buzz’ words on the back of the card that may aid in them remembering me or something I said or what they thought of my work. I don’t like glossy card so I went for a think stock with a matte ‘deluxe’ finish. I am happy with my business card and think it looks professional. I hope I do not find that the image is too dark once I actually get them.

Now for the press packs.

I have ordered 10 clear plastic wallets at A5 size and 10 USB memory sticks which are pretty flat, not too chunky for a press pack like a lot of memory sticks I saw whilst researching. My business cards will go in there along with my artist statement, CV and a memory stick with images of my work both low resolution (for web) and high resolution for publications. All the things I print need to be produced on good quality paper. I am a little unsure about the plastic wallets that I shall be using and may decide to source something more ‘premium’ and aesthetically pleasing looking as everyone knows first impressions can be important.