Pointy Clouds

Before my formative assessment I made laser cut card models of the sculpture I wanted to build. I ended up like the models and so moved into using sheet steel to realise my sculpture outcome. During the build of the sculpture I slotted together 11 steel triangle units and then suspended it from the ceiling next to my large sculpture. I was immediately struck by how it looked hanging in space so here I am returning to that idea with my card models to experiment further. 

I have been thinking about formalist and constructivist art and how to use their  principles that I am inspired by with digital technologies. A way I have thought of to do this is to make large sculptures or structures which encompass large volumes of space,  using modules or units to create small forms that then reside scattered through a space, like clouds, suspended. Then perhaps a sense of a larger volume or defined space can be felt or seen. In this small model I have used thread to suggest a three dimensional object/space defined by the triangle clouds. Let’s see how this all plays out…..