Fab-LAb Ambassadors Society Beginnings…

The society came together just before Christmas in 2015. The aim of the society is to carry out projects and activities that serve as example of the power of the fab-lab facilities and community to the art school, in the hopes that it would increase its membership through university students. (The Cardiff Fab-LAb is situated within Cardiff School of Art and Design).

Over the winter break the fab-lab members set themselves the task of coming up with some ideas and inspiration to use for a first project to get the society going with a practical project. The idea is to produce a large welcome sign for the fab-lab that also informs the viewer of the kinds of things that can be made using the facilities on offer to fab-lab members. To my mind this means that the project needs to be ambitious and exciting, a sense that has to come across in the outcome. People should be asking how was that made, how does that work, how do you make it do what it does? In my contribution I want to be using as many interesting processes as possible. I am particularly keen to create an interactive work that responds it its viewer, can impart and collect information.

Ideas will be discussed in our next meeting.